Exchange Hosting

Final ASP is one of the oldest suppliers of Hosted Exchange on the Internet, and it shows with our excellent support staff and product expertise. If e-mail is important to your business, Microsoft Exchange is the product for you. If reliability and excellent support is important to you, look no further than Final ASP.

We also support every mobile device option that works with Exchange including:
Blackberry, Goodlink, Windows Mobile, Palm Treo, Apple's Iphone, etc.

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Remote Backup Services

Final ASP offers a complete line of Remote Backup products to protect both workstations and servers and the cirtical information they store.  Protect your systems for a lot less than you would think using Final-Byte remote backup services.

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Microsoft CRM 4.0 Hosting

Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives your employees direct access to customer information through Office Outlook, enabling access to the information they need whether in the office or on the road. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers:

  • Tight integration with the Microsoft Office system and Office Outlook, allowing employees to easily pull information from Microsoft Dynamics CRM into Office system applications such as Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet software and Microsoft Office Word word processing software.
  • Quick and easy access to your data through context-sensitive information for populating forms or taking next steps without changing screens.
  • Customized workspaces that allow users to create, save, and reuse favorite views of customer data without the distraction of unneeded information.
  • Service Calendar that allows service schedulers and dispatchers to schedule activities by resource, time, or service.
  • Powerful reporting and analysis tools that make it easy to identify opportunities and problems at a glance.
  • Great mobile support that helps enable field workers to get instant access to customer data from most popular portable devices including mobile phones with Web browsers, and laptops.

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Sharepoint Hosting

SharePoint 2007 is a web-based portal system that is easily customizable and flexible. SharePoint allows organizations to share information either internally, externally or both internally and externally.

SharePoint features web-enabled calendars, task lists, document libraries (with versioning and check-in / check-out functionality) and custom lists which allow you to easily and rapidly deploy web-enabled databases. Our SharePoint system also integrates with our hosted Exchange 2007 system and Outlook 2007 / Office 2007.

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Virtual Server Hosting

VIrtual Server hosting provides our clients with their own dedicated servers at a fraction of the cost.  Our virtual server environment is attached to our EMC SAN (storage area network) for the best performance and reliability.

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Office Communications Server

Office Communications Server 2007 delivers streamlined communications for your users so they can find and communicate with the right person, right now, from the applications they use most.

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Announcing Final-Byte®
Remote Backup Services

We are Pleased to announce our remote backup products:

  • Final-Byte Desktop
  • Final-Byte Server
  • Final-Byte Enterprise
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