Meet James, our “competent camel” of the Final Source crew. No matter the task, big or small, we can always count on him to get the job done-even if it takes plan A, B, and C.

James is a member of our Managed Services Provider (MSP) team with over 10 years of expertise in commercial phone systems, cabling, and network management. He also has experience with hosted exchange, Microsoft CRM, and Microsoft Outlook, after transitioning from our Hosting Services department.

Despite James’ technical knowledge, his strong intuition, patience, and keen attention to detail is what he believes contributes to his true specialty: customer service. “It’s easy for me to empathize with people and picture their issue from their perspective,” James says.

What's so cool about working for Final Source?

“I like how you never know what you’re going to get. Every day is an adventure. Even a routine issue can get complicated, but I’ve always had an aptitude for fixing things,” James says.

Interesting Fact about James?

Let’s just say he’s the Mother Teresa for animals and is a strong competitor against Dr. Dolittle.  James owns 4 dogs, 4 cats, and a fish, all who are also rescue animals.

What superhero would he be?

For no particular reason, the Incredible Hulk! “I just think he’s cool,” says James.

What is James' Favorite Hobby?

In addition to his love for animals and his aptitude for fixing things, James enjoys creative writing, drawing, and painting.
“I love art and am able to visualize anything- which I think allows me the ability to easily troubleshoot things,” James says.

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Edward is a support engineer for our Managed and Professional Services Team where he works with everything from setting up printers to restoring lost data and virtualizing physical servers.  Quite the “people-person” and socialite of the Final Source office, Edward says the only thing he loves more than spending time with his family and friends is networking with computers - “getting them to talk to each other.” Edward is a DePaul University alumnus with a Bachelor’s Degree in Network Technologies; so working for a Managed IT provider such as Final Source is like the perfect combination to his favorite indulgence- barbecue and jalapenos on a large Jet’s pizza. In fact, it couldn't get any better because this is where passion meets expertise.

What's so cool about working for Final Source?

Final Source gives me the opportunity to work with brand, new cutting edge servers,” says Edward, “and working with different products keeps me on my toes.” But for Edward working in IT is less about the thrill of new technology and more about breathing life back into a broken product, as he says he especially loves the challenges of taking “ancient” or out of date machines and getting them to work like the first day they were configured.

What superhero would he be?

Have you ever heard the saying, “You can take a person out of an environment but you can’t take the environment out the person?" Even with supernatural powers Edward says he would be a superhero that has the ability to become the greatest computer genius: Cypher. Cypher is a unique X-Man who has the ability to understand anything he comes in contact with, including computer codes. Not to mention Cypher is very easy on the eyes. “Have you seen his six-pack,” Edward jokingly adds.

Words Edward would use to describe himself?

“A humorous, potent, aerodynamic, music aficionado, and professional Netflix-binger.”

Interesting Fact about Edward?

In his free time, Edward loves to study the art of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tool, and Victor Wooten as he is a bass player for 2 local bands in Memphis. In fact when Edward is not performing with a couple of his friends for parties and weddings, he plays with the up and coming band “River City Shake Down” at several pubs around town.

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Aaron is Hosting Team Lead and one of the company’s oldest veterans. He began working for Final Source in 2006. So there isn’t much he doesn’t know about Exchange Migration, web hosting support, and email configuration. His favorite product and expertise, however, is Linux Web Servers. Why? “ Because I’m just a big old nerd,” he proclaims. Aaron says he enjoys the Linux operating system and its open environment because “Linux is not just one company building a product, but many individuals and companies coming together to build a great platform.” But don’t let his excitement about virtualization fool you, because Aaron is the big muscle of the crew. When he’s not assisting customers with hosting services, he’s installing cool equipment around the Final Source office.

What’s so cool about working for Final Source?

“I get to interact with a bunch of like-minded nerds,” Aaron says. Sharing in the excitement for new products and features, especially pertaining to cloud technologies, is a common thread for conversation in the tech room. The brotherhood and kindred passion for advanced technology is, no doubt, like the perfect topping to his favorite indulgence - a Muddy’s “shady-wake pie.”

“I get to talk “geek talk” and my team understands me,” he says.

What superhero would he be?

Aaron can be found working around the clock because he loves designing electronics and working with his hands. So as a super-villain, Aaron says he would love to be Magneto as an auto mechanic…Indeed, an interesting combination! As a super-hero, he’d ditch the armor costume and take the role of Tony Stark (not Iron Man). “It’d be cool to be rich and just build stuff all day,” Aaron says.

What is Aaron’s favorite hobby?

Three words: “We are Boston!” In fact, this hockey fanatic says he never misses a Boston Bruins television game. Even if he was wood-working, he’d just find a way to do both.


Do you have any questions about Linux web servers or Exchange Migration? Ask Aaron!