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Friday, 10 December 2010 13:46

Microsoft serious about Windows Phone

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Depending on what you read, Windows Phone 7 is either the first phase of what will be a major player in smart phone technology or too late to the game to compete.

Interestingly enough, Microsoft officials did make some interesting comments on whether they will be able to compete with Apple in the Smart Phone market.

Kieron Connell of Microsoft Games Studios:

“I believe you will find so many people with excess amount invested to let Apple triumph when it comes to flooding the whole market.

You’d better believe that Microsoft is extremely serious regarding Windows Phone 7, and safeguarding their part of the business. It will be a fascinating time – no doubt.”

Good news if you are a Microsoft Windows Phone 7 fan. The software giant obviously has the cash to invest to make the phone OS great, but the will is the most important part.

Will MS invest it's energy into truly dominating the Mobile OS platform? According to this, it appears so.

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