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Tuesday, 02 November 2010 11:32

Google acutally suing US government

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Technology companies filing law suites isn't exactly a rarity these days.

But a suit filed by Google against the US Department of Interior is quite fascinating.

For one, their suing the US Department of Interior.

Google is claiming that a recent bid put out for a new email provider that restricts the vendors to Microsoft Exchange companies is uncompetitive.

The company says Google should be able to offer their business class Google Apps email. Now this is a $59 million contract, but does Google ever really think their mail service will be picked up by a public agency. Do you want your government officials' email being indexed for Google Adwords? Kind of scary.

Of course government email is public record, but Google already has enough information about our lives and browsing habits. Do we need to let them in to our government as well?

The Department of Interior has replied saying that it loves to increase competition on bids (and who doesn't for that matter?) but their systems are built on Microsoft technology already.

PC World also notes that suing the US government could be a huge mistake because the government would then be forced to publicy proof all of the security flaws in Google Apps to justify not including them in the bid.

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