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Monday, 10 May 2010 15:57

Microsoft exec bails for AOL

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Alexander Gounares former  CTO of Microsoft's online services division, has left the software giant to become AOL's CTO.

Let me say that again. Gounares leaving Microsoft, heading to AOL. That's Kobe Bryant leaving the Lakers for the Clippers in order to pursue a bigger challenge.

The move has raised some eyebrows as to what lead to the departure. Money? Nah, stock options at AOL aren't exactly comparable. Power? Ding…ding a winner.

Gounares wants more power, meaning that the top of the Microsoft heap remains firmly in the grasp of a few.

But is all of it worth AOL? Time will only tell, and Gounares is likely "to have mail" on the likely hell he may endure at AOL.

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