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Monday, 22 March 2010 14:16

Bill Gates kills global warming article

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One of the growing trends on Twitter is to use the social networking site to share interesting news stories. It's not hard, with the health care debate still raging in the Twiterverse at least, to get goaded in to clicking links.

But what I find truly fascinating are that power Twitter users - those with thousands of followers - are more likely to take sites down than share its information.

Take Bill Gates, who today, posted this:

Bill Gates

Worth a read - This Economist article does a good job of summarizing the scientific discussion on global warming -

I think it's quite fascinating to get inside Mr. Gates' head and see what he thinks on the global warming debate, so of course I click, and the site is down.

To be fair, several minutes later and the story was up. It's a nice read, but it brings to light a nasty little habit of Twitter.

Even the most bandwidth sites can be put down by just one Tweet from a popular figure.

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