Final ASP takes uptime as seriously as our customers.

This is why we use a 3rd party to accurately and honestly
report our uptime to you.

Other serice providers promise 99.9% uptime but how do you know they are
keeping their promises? This is why we have partnered with a 3rd party reporting
service to allow you to see our uptime statistics before making a purchase.

Check the Uptime Statistics of Our Servers:

Hostname Description of Server  
iis4.finalasp.comShared Windows Webserver  
wss.finalasp.comShared Windows Sharepoint Services 
blackberry.finalasp.comDedicated Blackberry Enterprise 4.0 Server Shared Linux Webserver  
webmail.finalasp.comFront End Exchange Server  
smtp1.finalasp.comVirus and Spam Filtering Appliance  

* Note this does not include internal servers or customers dedicated servers.

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